Jewelry Innovation! Valltasy’s New Transforming Collection! 🔥

The Transforming Collection

Imagine… endless possibilities from just one jewelry piece… 😍 How cool is that?!🤩

The 💫 Transforming Collection 💫 includes powerful silk knotted bracelets full of color energy and OPALS! 🔥🌈

✨️ Not regular Opals, but amazing, high quality ones, with bold multi fire in each bead!

✨️ Each half of the bracelet has a 14K Gold lobster clasp adorned with gold beads.

✨️ Like a puzzle 🧩, they can create new bracelet combination or to become necklace extenders.

✨️ Two gold clasps look just fabulous on the wrist adding luxury sparkle to the precious stones.

✨️ In these bracelets you can wear the clasps any side you want, each time looking at a different color palette 🤩

Become a designer of your own jewelry 💎, mix and match the halves creating never-ending new combinations for your bracelets or enrich your necklaces using a half (or two!) as an extender! 🧩

Each bracelet half is also available separately (for half the price of the bracelet) in the brand new Necklace Extenders category!

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