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Beautiful earrings! I have purchased several pieces in the last couple of years and never been dissapointed!

Michael Gayer / June 17, 2021

Anne Sukrita Baatrup / June 16, 2021

These are hands down the most beautiful opals I have ever seen in my life !! 😍 So happy I managed to obtain a pair of these, I will cherish them forever !! Thank you once again Valerya 😊

Camille Belaunde / June 14, 2021

This necklace is very pretty, and I love the fact that it is a nice size.

Nena Addis / June 14, 2021

Nicole Ammerman / June 11, 2021

Loved everything about the custom earrings I purchased. Arrived quickly and were flawless and high quality.

Thalia Cruz / June 6, 2021

Ilona Coffey / May 31, 2021

Valerya is a guenuine artist, her jewelry are creative and unique in their shapes and their choice of colors, the result is gorgeous. She created a pair of pink and green gemstones earrings for my daughter that is a real... jewel.

Mimi / May 29, 2021

Sunny Gettinger / May 29, 2021

Gorgeous earrings !!!! The stones are such beautiful colors. I love these earrings. Thank you Valerya !

mermaidtravel / May 27, 2021

Merci à Valérya de tenir compte des désirs de ses clientes. très belle réalisation. Je suis entièrement satisfaite.

Isabelle Ponel / May 18, 2021

This is my first time actually seeing black opals up close, these are really beautiful and fiery and blend so well with the gold filling 😍 cannot wait to wear them !! as always, super impressed with my purchase 🙂

Camille Belaunde / May 15, 2021

Kaylene McCaw / May 13, 2021

Valerya is incredibly talented, and so great to work with! Very communicative, and her pieces are one-of-a-kind works of art!

Kimberly / May 7, 2021

Vallerya is incredibly easy to work with and has a great ability at interpreting what your wants and needs are! I can't ever look at commercially made jewelry again!

Julie Carlson / May 6, 2021

I love and enjoy the quality of the earrings Vallerya sends me! It's clear she loves what she does and has an amazing sense of style!

Julie Carlson / May 6, 2021

As usual Vallerya never seems to miss the mark! I feel comfortable asking her to make judgements after telling her some of what I want. This is just as beautiful as the other pieces!

Julie Carlson / May 6, 2021

Beautiful necklace! I have received many compliments on it.

Dara Beckley / May 1, 2021

So beautiful! I love them! The size is perfect and the color is brilliant.

Dara Beckley / May 1, 2021

This necklace is so unique and beautiful! I love the way Val creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. I feel truly special when I wear them. And the craftmanship is of the highest quality. I know I am buying heirloom quality jewelry when I buy on Valltasy. Thanks Val!!!!!

Sarah Guy / April 29, 2021

Sylvia Provence / April 23, 2021

Gorgeous! I keep playing with the bracelet. The color is the stones is amazing. As with everything from Valeria somehow it’s even more beautiful and fitting than in the pictures. I guess this is what happens when an artist does her work with love.

Evgenia Shumilkina / April 22, 2021

Outstanding work (as everything from Valeria). Very fast delivery back.

Evgenia Shumilkina / April 22, 2021

Chiara / April 6, 2021

Valerya’s work is perfection. She custom made spectacular earrings for me which I thrilled with. I have also purchased 3 bracelets and another pair of earrings all of which make me and the recipients smile at their beauty. Don’t hesitate to purchase a treasure from her. I’m already contemplating my next one!

Michelle Lovelace / April 4, 2021

My new Symphony necklace, custom matching wire-wrapped earrings, and Moonlight bracelet give me exactly the ethereal, whimsical vibes I was looking for. I was searching high and low for moonstone jewelry on Etsy, and the symphony necklace grabbed my attention like nothing else. My search was complete. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was special--but I could FEEL just how special it was once I finally had the set in my possession. The shop owner is an absolute delight and her craftsmanship is unparalleled. The love & care Valerya invests in her creations is evident in every little detail and can be felt when worn. Wearing these pieces has a magical way of fostering confidence and empowerment. I cherish my jewelry and implore everyone to give their business to Valltasy.

Samantha B / April 1, 2021

love theses earrings & this Valltasy shop 💫💫💫

Courtney Dainty / March 14, 2021

Absolutely gorgeous. Really one of a kind!!

Lucy Rowan / March 11, 2021

Beautiful opals and I am very happy with the earrings.

Ivy Rittenhouse / March 9, 2021

Beautiful opals and perfect fit for my wrist. It was delivered very quickly, thank you so much!

Doan / March 3, 2021

What a wonderful piece of jewelry!! A classic statement piece with wonderful craftsmanship and balance.

Bonnie Harvey / February 18, 2021

Truly very easy transaction! Superb quality , received ear rings in less time than when ordering in state!! Valerya is very kind, honest, a dear to work with!!! I now own over five of her pieces , very much satisfied with each one !!

cla8tongolfers / February 18, 2021

Wow! These earrings are awesome. I really like them. I'm hoping I can fine a necklace to match the opal earrings.

Bernice / February 16, 2021

Im very happy with my purchase it is beautiful and well made im going to buy future items.

Patricia Mckissick / February 7, 2021

I couldn't be happier with my custom design.

Nick S. / February 7, 2021

Jaw-droppingly gorgeous! These earrings are divine... The Opals catch beautiful light and the settings are stunning too ✨✨ They even came in this beautiful box that lit up when I opened it 😍 there was a little LED light that shined down on the stones and set them off perfectly And I don't want to forget to mention that they got here from across the world in just a few days... 💫💫 Valerya never ceases to amaze me. She also always includes a beautiful handwritten note. Customer for life here! 😁

Courtney Dainty / February 7, 2021

The peridot sparkles beautifully! It arrived safe and sound, exactly on the date when I was told it would. Plus, the lovely packaging was topped with the prettiest cobalt blue ribbon!

Jenny / February 3, 2021

terjac128 / February 2, 2021

Each opal has a stronger reflection of a slightly different color - whether blue or green or red, etc - which really gives these earrings a stronger presence than their size would make you think at first. The earrings themselves are lightweight and comfortable to wear, easily something that I can wear all day without stressing my ears. I personally think these are beautiful earrings; this is not the first time I've bought from this shop owner and I would do so again; they do good work.

flyingMoogles / January 12, 2021


Kristina / January 10, 2021

A beautiful gift for my mom came with excellent communication with Valltasy, even with a change from my side after I placed the order. Product is beautiful. Thanks again!

Anna Telcs / January 9, 2021

Looks gorgeous! Just like the picture. Super fast shipping. Thank you!

Katy Kumar / January 8, 2021

Lynn Frewer / January 8, 2021

Stacey Roberts / January 7, 2021

Stacey Roberts / January 7, 2021

The earrings are very beautiful and elegant. They can been worn with any color, as they are mostly clear with an array of colors streaming through the stone. As long as you take care of them, they seem to be built to last a lifetime. The seller was very helpful, answering all of are questions and helping us with the shipping. I would recommend these earrings to anyone who loves opal stones!

William Cato / January 5, 2021

KarenEShapley / January 5, 2021

Beautiful piece of art jewelry. Ordered the Ethiopian opal bracelet. Valerya was so nice. She was very responsive and did some custom work on an existing bracelet to make it just how I wanted. The workmanship is top notch.

Claire Link / December 31, 2020

Ted / December 31, 2020

Nancy Pytko / December 30, 2020

These earrings are so GORGEOUS and colorful! They are amazing. I love them and the delivery was so fast! Thanks.

Sylvie W / December 30, 2020

Nancy Pytko / December 30, 2020

I am so lucky this stunning bracelet was sent to me literally to the other end of the world (to Kazakhstan of all places) in 2020, crazy Christmas time. But in time to shine on Christmas morning! Thank you!! I will be back in your shop for sure!

Olesya Melnikova / December 29, 2020

Great communication before purchase she answered every question I had and even helped me more after I ordered because with me not knowing any better I order the bracelet too small for myself. She corrected that for me with no extra charge which she should have canceled my order and made me order the right size but se didn’t she created my beautiful and I MEAN BEAUTIFUL OPAL BRACELET AND IT WAS ON MY WRIST IN LESS THAN A WEEK! I love it and have already recommended her to multiple people and will be ordering again soon. Thank you sooo much I appreciate you and your work! Trust me people order your natural crystals from her especially opal cause if you know like I do opal rounds are very rare ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

Edward Rodriguez Jr / December 28, 2020

Love the colors of the opals. Very feminine. Appreciate the how to care for note on opals. Perfectly wrapped and has a great jewelry box for keeping when not wearing.

Stephen Bethell / December 28, 2020

I am stunned by how beautiful these are and how quickly they were sent. I ordered on 12/20/20 and received them 12/23/20. That's from Israel to the USA!

MARLEEN LOSASSO / December 28, 2020

I purchased this as a gift for a friend and as we live in different countries I haven’t see it yet. Valerya was great to work with, she asked me lots of questions about the custom order and it was clear she wanted to get the bracelet “right”. Valerya’s enthusiasm for making jewelery was palpable and she was flexible with design and payment arrangements. I enjoyed working with her and my friend loves the bracelet.

alusham / December 27, 2020

The black opal bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, it instantly become my favorite bracelet.

Amryn Appling / December 25, 2020

Sehr gute Qualität! Sieht toll aus und trägt sich fantastisch!

Klarissa / December 18, 2020

I'm very happy with this bracelet...it's lovely. Only have good things to say about this shop and transaction. Thank you

Linda / December 17, 2020

staceyofhighlands / December 15, 2020

I can not begin to sing Valerya’s praises! Not only is her work superb, she is an absolute pleasure to work with! She turned and ordinary piece into something extraordinary I can keep for life! Thank you so much!

Stefania Paniccia / December 13, 2020

I now have a Welo and a black opal bracelet from Valerya. This black opal bracelet is stunning and arrived in record time!

Simona Curtis / December 10, 2020

Love the bracelet very much.. Definitely will buy again

Enny T / December 7, 2020

I am a returning buyer because this seller creates art pieces of jewelry. I bought these gorgeous opal earrings to match my opal necklace. I am so pleased with her jewelry and will buy again. Also her shipping method is a lot faster to ship to USA. I did not have to wait long.

THERESA WEST / December 7, 2020

The earrings were even more beautiful in person. I love jewelry and her jewelry never disappoints. These earrings are quality made with a unique design. You will love all of her jewelry pieces. She is very talented ❤️

Kimberly Silvestri / December 6, 2020

These earrings are unbelievably beautiful. The range of colors is amazing from beautifully faceted burgundy to champagne to the beautiful quartz crystals. They have become my most beloved earrings overnight. Valerya is incredibly responsive, too, getting back to me quickly with great information.

Dana / December 3, 2020

These earrings are everything promised. They are softly peachy and feminine. Just beautiful . I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

Dana / December 3, 2020

This pendant is fabulous! So raffinate, beautifully crafted. The green colour is emphasized by the gorgeous pink of the tourmaline and the particular faceted surface makes it intensely shine. It's the jewel every woman desires! Besides, I noticed the elegant package with a nice card and a gracious ribbon and the punctuality of the delivery. Great! I strongly recommend you this item to be kept in your precious jewelry and to be worn like a star!

Clelia Albano / November 29, 2020

My earrings arrived so fast and beautifully packaged ! They are the most shimmery, magical, ethereal stones I ever did see - Santa came early !! They also came with a jewelry care Plan and a really sweet love note too Which I think makes the Valltasy purchasing experience feel all the more Self Indulgent and special ✨✨✨ Thank you so much I love all of your creations and will be back again soon

Rosie Mcgrath / November 27, 2020

KarenEShapley / November 25, 2020

Came on the day promised. Earrings just as beautiful as pictured. Good service, good quality, good purchase.

janice / November 24, 2020

This flash of colored opal beads necklace is elegant and beautiful. The seller is very helpful and responds quickly and ships fast.

THERESA WEST / November 17, 2020

Very beautiful and eye-chat hung piece. I got many compliments on it. I love it so much.

Nusaiba Alani / November 15, 2020

Very lovely! They look blue/green in the shade, but really shimmer in the light. It took me a while to figure out how to put them in. Now, I just need to go somewhere...

Kristine Barbieri / November 15, 2020

Once again, Valerya has outdone herself! She created this stunning custom piece, focusing on a brilliant Tiffany Stone !! I just love and adore everything she touches, incisions & creates!

lizzybelle73 / October 30, 2020

We are love the necklace.

Ngan Nguyen / October 26, 2020

Dani Correa / October 24, 2020

My son saw your website and asked for a black opal bracelet for his 18th birthday. Everything was just as described from the piece to shipping etc. He loved it

Geno Pitts / October 23, 2020

I reached out to Valerya for a custom gift for my mom, and it arrived beautiful beyond my dreams! Her communication was incredible, her craftsman is exquisite, and the flashy fiery opal pendant is so special. I also ordered the gift packaging, which was luxuriously gorgeous! Thank you Valerya for helping me show my mom how much I love her. <3

Erica Golding / October 22, 2020

Valerya has the most beautiful craftsmanship & uses the finest gems! She is such a joy to work with, even if she’s not modifying or creating a one of a kind piece for you! I just adore her! These earrings are stunning- pictures never do her work justice!!

lizzybelle73 / October 17, 2020

KarenEShapley / October 16, 2020

This was my third paid of earrings from Valltasy, and I know I will continue to purchase from this shop. They are absolutely beautiful! They look just like picture, but the amount of love she puts into each pair makes them even more beautiful in person. Each pair comes with care instructions and a note. Valeria was so pleasant to work with. She responds to messages with such a genuine and kind heart which makes the purchasing experience that much better. Shipping was fast, even with the pandemic. If you are thinking of making a purchase, DO IT! You will not regret it, and you will not get this hand crafted quality any where else

Amy / October 15, 2020

Gorgeous bracelet. Very high quality opals - very pleased!

Maria Wirths / October 13, 2020

These earrings are stunning! This was a gift to my daughter for her 40th birthday, and she loves them. The black opals themselves are beautiful and the craftsmanship is most excellent. Very happy with the purchase and they arrived quickly. Thank you so much!

Beverly Perrin / October 12, 2020

Oh my! This bracelet is amazing. The gems are top quality - especially the opals. Service was fast - communication excellent. I highly recommend this shop . Thank you for your quick response to my questions. It is a pleasure doing business with you. Stay safe.

oloss09 / October 9, 2020

Magnifique, envoi soigné et personnalisé. Merci, c'était ma deuxième commande et sûrement pas la dernière !

florence / October 4, 2020

Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have many pieces of her jewelry. Love them all

hjdentist / October 3, 2020

Valerya , was an absolute delight as I needed a slight change in the bracelet & was so accommodating & helpful, the bracelet is stunning & I couldn’t be happier with it.

Siobhan Beeney / October 2, 2020

Gorgeous!! Valerya always does an amazing job!

lizzybelle73 / September 30, 2020

Die Ware kam wie angegeben, sehr gute kommunikation. Empfehlenswert und Seriös.

Donato Gasbarro / September 28, 2020

elle est magnifique et les couleurs sont splendides. je ne me lasse pas

isalola / September 22, 2020

katrinashivley / September 20, 2020

I have purchased several items from Valerya and have been very pleased with each one. I saw 3 pairs of earrings that I really wanted and contacted her to see if I could split up the payments. Valerya was very happy to help me and during the conversation I told her that one of the necklaces that she had in the store was beautiful and I wished I could afford it. She told me she was finishing one that wasn’t in gold, so I bought it without seeing it! I trusted her enough to know that it would be a beautiful piece, and I was right! I couldn’t be more pleased with all of my purchases! Valerya is a joy to work with and creates stunning items! I will continue to shop here and highly recommend it to everyone, you can’t go wrong!

Mary Baker / September 19, 2020

Valerya does the most imaginative and beautiful work, with an extraordinary eye for all the little details! Hands down the best jewelry store on Valltasy! From shipping, to presentation boxes, to the jewelry itself- beyond superb! The picture doesn’t do these earrings justice!

lizzybelle73 / September 18, 2020

Earrings are more beautiful in person! Shipped in safe and beautiful packaging and it was an absolute seamless experience! Thank you, Valerya!

ailunku / September 16, 2020

This is an artist you will be right at home with. A kind heart. A great taste and skill. And a vision that brings stones where plastic and other synthetics can be found. As a woman who cherishes the earth, and our knowing of its priceless ness, I see in her own way, she really cares. Every piece of art is a piece of earth. Reminding us where we’re from.

Maddox Lightning / September 15, 2020

They are absolutely gorgeous, I love opals and when I saw these I just had to have them!

Lauren Ferrell / September 13, 2020

Beautiful I couldn’t be happier <3 thank you for such flawless service. I will most certainly be back for more

Jasperrs N Jade / September 12, 2020

florentina13461 / September 11, 2020

Valerya creates the most amazingly, beautiful jewelry! I’m gifting these and she’s going to LOVE them!

lizzybelle73 / September 11, 2020

florentina13461 / September 11, 2020

isalola / September 10, 2020

Elles sont superbes les couleurs sont magnifiques

isalola / September 10, 2020

These earrings are so beautiful that I was breathless to see them. Highly recommended.

Ester Di Veroli / September 4, 2020

Valeria Johnson / September 3, 2020

The customer service is excellent. Shipping was fast. The bracelet - - - AMAZING. Size of gems - color - flash - stunning. And wearing this piece of art is wonderful. Thanks for creating this beautiful piece of jewelry. A treasure.

oloss09 / September 3, 2020

Valeria Johnson / September 3, 2020

Beautifully made unique earrings! The customer service was impeccable, would highly recommend Valltasy 🙂

Benita / August 31, 2020

Can I give this store more than 5 stars? I am impressed with service and customer care. And - wow! wow! this bracelet is amazing. It is far better than pictures. The opals reflect light and color - the tanzanite a deep blue. I am more than pleased with this purchase. Thank you Valltasy. The bracelet is a treasure. Suzanne

oloss09 / August 23, 2020

They are very very beautiful. I love your jewelry

Iside Esposito / August 21, 2020

Absolutely stunning necklace - I so love it! Colors, shapes, design - all create a very unique one of a kind piece of art! I receive compliments each time I wear it. It arrived in elegant box perfectly safely packed, very fast with detailed tracking. Thank you so much Valerya for making my world brighter and more colorful!!! I have a few pieces created by you with so much love and talent and will come back for more!!!

Inna B / August 20, 2020

I absolutely love my new amazing labradorite set and get many compliments every time I wear it. It is so unique - colors, design and love that has been put into creating these beautiful pieces! It arrived impeccably packaged and fast! Thank you so much again, Valerya!

Inna B / August 20, 2020

Excellent customer service. These arrived so quickly. They are so beautiful and well made. I will definitely order more from this shop. Thank you.

Karen Boyce / August 17, 2020

Gorgeous earrings, gorgeous packaging and quick delivery. If that isn’t perfection I don’t know what is.

Rachel Atherley / August 15, 2020

The earrings are beautiful! I ordered them for my wedding and they're perfect - just what I was looking for and exactly like the photo. And, the customer service from Valerya was fantastic. I will definitely order more jewelry from her!

cagrf / August 13, 2020

I cannot express how breathtaking this piece actually is. It’s more beautiful than I imagined. It’s easily my most favorite piece I own now. I cannot stop staring at it. The photos don’t do it justice. I had lots of communication with her before buying and she got it done exactly as I requested. I’m so in love and cannot wait to buy from her again. This is the second time I’ve purchased from her and it’s an addiction for sure!

Gabrielle Venturini / August 6, 2020

KarenEShapley / August 6, 2020

KarenEShapley / August 6, 2020

Envoi extra, petites attention, message manuscrit personnalisé et boucles d'oreilles que j'adore !

florence / August 2, 2020

I love my custom order necklace! The delivery was fast! You won't be disappointed if you order from Valltasy. She replied to all of my questions.

Violet Ta / July 26, 2020

Ngan Nguyen / July 25, 2020

KarenEShapley / July 24, 2020

Where to begin this review! The earrings I received were absolutely gorgeous. The quality of the details, and craftsmanship are amazing! Also shipping was incredibly fast, the jewelry was shipped on Thursday from Israel and arrived on a Monday (I live on the US west coast). The shop owner Valerya, is an incredibly kind and talented person , she was able to do a custom pendant to match the earrings, and she included a chain for the pendant. Additionally she included sweet hand written note. I absolutely cannot wait to wear these pieces for my wedding. Overall I am so impressed with this shop, I will definitely be ordering from here again for all my future jewelry needs, if you are considering buying something from here do it! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Monica Thomas / July 20, 2020

Stunning bracelet!! Came with a sweet note, Will's definitely order again from this seller!

starruby09 / July 13, 2020

Absolutely loved my custom designed chain, Valltasy was very prompt and helpful with any questions I had. Fast delivery, exceptional quality. Thank you again.

Uzma Khalid / July 12, 2020

These earrings are stunning! Gorgeous colors, prefect for catching the sunlight and adding a classic sparkle to any outfit. They really flatter my reddish hair color as well and look very high-end! I’m very happy I purchased them and I had such a wonderful experience with this shop. Highly recommend!

Charlotte Blazy / July 12, 2020

Like all previous Jewelry that I have purchased from Valltasy, These earrings are absolutely beautiful. I matched this with a Opal Bracelet With Chrome Diopside, Green Kyanite and Green Apatite, also from Valltasy for my wife's 55th birthday, the match is excellent and my wife is an extremely happy woman. Her Valltasy jewelry is her favorite, and of this jewelry the opal jewelry her most favorite! Faceted Opals are very unique and quite amazing.

Robert Pritchard / July 10, 2020

Like all previous Jewelry that I have purchased from Valltasy, this bracelet is absolutely beautiful. I matched this with a set of Emerald Green Serpentine with Green Chrome Diopside earrings also from Valltasy for my wife's 55th birthday, the match is excellent and my wife is an extremely happy woman. Her Valltasy jewelry is her favorite!

Robert Pritchard / July 10, 2020

Great product and fantastic customer service. Would recommend!

Michael / July 9, 2020

I love it! I got it for my mom’s birthday and she was very happy with it. Even though I ordered last minute, it arrived very quickly, and the seller was extremely helpful.

Bailey Barlow / July 7, 2020

Michael Gayer / July 6, 2020

A beautiful bracelet, we were thrilled with purchased. We will buy it again.

Ngan Nguyen / July 5, 2020

Love my bracelet so much, so beautiful, Vallerya managed to finds me beads for this unique design per my request. And the result is stumming, my Friends always ask me about this bracelet and i'm so happy to recommend Vallerya works. So fast work andbdelivery, i recommend DHL great to your door delivry. Thank you Vallerya ❤️ for your work and Customer service. Shopping with you us a pure Bliss. Lucy

Lucy Dubourg / July 2, 2020

Such a beautiful a piece of jewelry unique design, the beads are one of a kind i can not recommend more Vallerya works. Unique piece for unique women. Fits with so many outfits, Always lots of compliments. Vallerya is so nice, never seen such a wonderfall customer service, this item was one of the two piece i got from her the other being a custom ordre and love it so so much. Thank you Vallerya ❤️. Oh and delivery service delivery was so fast and secure via DHL even during quarantine time. Will soon add more design to my collection from Vallerya. Happiest French Customer. Lucy

Lucy Dubourg / July 1, 2020

This women is incredible all her jewellery is a work of art beautiful, she really listens to what you want and turns into a gem. I would highly recommend this lady .shipping is like a flash of light..thank you val.

Joanne Corcoran / June 27, 2020

Dear Valeyra Thank you very much for these earings. They're gorgeous! I love them! Fast shipped, well packed !

Gwenaelle Cotonnec / June 27, 2020

Beautiful, delicate, and unique. The craftsmanship is outstanding. It’s a pleasure to deal with Valeria too. Looking forward to future masterpieces!

Evgenia Shumilkina / June 26, 2020

These are like fine jewelry for a fraction of the price. Gorgeous Labradorite and Craftsmanship. Customer service is stellar and customization options are thrilling combined with that fantastic svc. I had a necklace custom made to match these. All just a dream experience!

Leah Ishmael / June 21, 2020

This necklace is the most recent piece of jewelry that I have purchased from Valerya, it is actually 1 item of a 2 item order; this bracelet with a matching necklace. The bracelet is exceptionally beautiful. I had purchased a similar bracelet from Valerya in the past for my wife who absolutely loves it, so much so that she wanted to order something similar for her mother. She is very excited to give it to her. In addition to her beautiful jewelry, Valerya also offers the most exceptional customer service I have ever experienced.

Robert Pritchard / June 19, 2020

This necklace is the most recent piece of jewelry that I have purchased from Valerya, it is actually 1 item of a 2 item order. The necklace is uniquely beautiful and the craftmanship exceptional. I had purchased a similar necklace and a bracelet from Valerya in the past and my wife absolutely loves the set, so much so that she wanted to order something similar for my Mother-in law's 80th birthday. In addition to her unique and beautiful jewelry, Valerya offers the most exceptional customer service I have ever experienced.

Robert Pritchard / June 19, 2020

More beautiful in person, I promise you. Nice packaging, fast delivery.

Kyle Henderson / June 19, 2020

The most beautiful bracelet I own!

Michaela Mcnickle / June 10, 2020

Very delicate yet sturdy. The shipment came very fast and securely. Highly recommend Valltasy!

Jasmin Plan / June 9, 2020

I ordered two sets of custom earrings and I was blown away. They are gorgeous. Valerya is amazing. She was so patient with me while we worked through what stones I wanted and the end result was fantastic. Wish I could buy everything in your shop! 😁 Thank you so much!

Tara Gelhaus / June 7, 2020

Jennifer Archuleta / June 7, 2020

I like my necklace very much. The color choice is amazing and really fit to my request. I received it very quickly and it was well and securely packed.

Corinne / June 2, 2020

Betsy Gansborg / May 29, 2020

As usual, I was NOT disappointed! I am so thrilled with the design, gemstones and workmanship, I have been wearing it almost every day. People catch me looking down at my wrist because I can't take my eyes off the colors in the opals! Thank you so very much, Valerya!

Bonnie Garvey / May 28, 2020

Once again Valerya created an heirloom masterpiece, with a bit of tweaking from her original design. Valerya is SO gracious and loving to work with. Every piece of her enchanting & breathtaking jewelry is created with her entire heart and soul, and great pride- it’s palpable! Her packaging is flawlessly beautiful, and ready to either gift away, or add to your most treasured pieces of jewelry! She has been divinely blessed with such a phenomenal gift, it really is unbelievable!

lizzybelle73 / May 27, 2020

Gosh where do I start! Working with Valltasy has been one of the best custom jewelry experiences of my life. She had posted a bracelet on her Instagram that was for sale, but someone had beat me to it. I reached out to her and she was able to make one more pink fire opal bracelet with what she had left, and the fact that she has payment options really helped me out. Always responded quickly with my questions even with the time zone differences, and when I received my jewelry it included a hand written note and care instruction! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my bracelet and send a few of my friends over to her site. So so happy that I decided to work with her, it will be a piece of jewelry I pass down one day!

Summer Stevens / May 15, 2020

Beautiful bracelet! I wear it everyday now 🥰 Thank you for the great communication and the fast shipment!

Cynthia Yip / May 14, 2020

melaniew1120 / May 13, 2020

Got the smaller version of these earrings, the opal beads look Wonderfull in sunlight, Well made

Anita Taarsted Mee / May 10, 2020

Valerya made a beautiful bespoke necklace for my wedding which is absolutely stunning and of top quality. Her customer service was brilliant and together we decided on a final design using photos she sent across to me. Her communication was excellent and delivery was fast. I was so pleased to be able to get the exact look I wanted for my wedding day 🙂

Laura Corrance / May 10, 2020

Such a lovely piece! Makes me feel like a princess when I wear it 🙂

Maddison Wilcox / May 8, 2020

Beautiful & ivery classy Amethyst earrings, just as per the picyure. I am very happy with my purchase <3!

rejaneg / May 8, 2020

the opals are beautiful in this bracelet, and as always Val is a pleasure to do business with. Have purchased multiple items from her and am never disappointed.

Maria Fiorenzano / May 7, 2020

Excellent jewelry and even better customer service! Seller worked with me during these uncertain times to ensure the item arrived on time and exactly as described. Would highly recommend valltasy to everyone looking for quality products.

John Mitchell / May 3, 2020

I love my green-toned black opal bracelet! It's really beautiful, and the opals have a lot of fire to them. I saw the Valltasy shop on Instagram, and sent a private message with my request for this type of bracelet. The shop owner, Valerya is super nice, and her response time, customer service, and communication is excellent. Plus, the bracelet came gift wrapped in sturdy packaging. Fast shipping to the US from Israel. Would purchase from again, A+. Thanks!

Lauren Montana / May 2, 2020

SO pretty and exquisitely beautiful. You can tell these earrings are crafted by a true artisan and well worth the price. Once again I have bought jewelry from Valltasy that I am certain will become a treasured family heirloom. I love them and will be back for more soon!!!

Sarah Guy / May 2, 2020

Absolutely stunning earrings. The most beautiful moonstones I’ve ever seen anywhere, in a gorgeous design. Valerya was incredibly flexible & helpful in working out a payment plan for this, one of her most expensive designs.

Irene Landaw / April 27, 2020

Absolutely beautiful, brilliant fire color. Very nice seller; gave me a special box to store both pieces in, included a sweet thank you note and communicated very well. Very fast international shipping.

donnelleclark / April 27, 2020

Beautifully made, shipped quickly

April Walker / April 23, 2020

Love the earrings. Super fast shipping.

Todd Bandy / April 17, 2020

Absolutely stunning bracelet. Super fast shipping.

Todd Bandy / April 17, 2020

Valerya made these as a custom order for me, after I bought the most beautiful hoop earrings of black opal. She is great to work with, and her jewellery is exquisite. Thank you so much Joanna xx

Joanna Mitchell / April 5, 2020

It's like a bracelet of mini universes, and each glow is like a cluster of 10000 microscopic galaxies. I think I'm addicted 🤩

Yarin Brant / March 31, 2020

Gorgeous!!!! Quick ship and great contact from seller.

Leigh Ann Bauer / March 24, 2020

I have gotten lots of compliments wearing these earrings...

Leigh Ann Bauer / March 24, 2020

I received the opal/tanzanite bracelet today. It is gorgeous and it glistens so well in the sunlight. The opals show all the colors...well done and thank you. Andryce

Andryce / March 21, 2020

I love these opal hoop earrings!! So beautiful! I normally am not a hoop fan but when I saw these I had to buy them. Very lightweight and easy to put in. The black opal is so pretty to look at. I will definitely be a returning customer and would recommend this seller wholeheartedly!

Jackie / March 20, 2020

Karine Wenger / March 18, 2020

Really beautiful! Thank you! The shipping was fast also, which I appreciated.

wwolfstarr / March 18, 2020

Really beautiful! Thank you! The shipping was fast also, which I appreciated. These were a gift, and the recipient was extremely pleased!

wwolfstarr / March 18, 2020

So beautiful!!!!! I wore these today to work and I kept looking at them in the mirror. So pretty and if you love opals, you will really love them! Very lightweight, like seriously lightweight earrings. Beautifully designed as well.

Jackie / March 17, 2020

Catherine Forbes / March 12, 2020

I love my earrings.

Catherine Caroline Forbes / March 12, 2020

Beautiful and I love it

Catherine Forbes / March 12, 2020

Susan Mcconnell / March 11, 2020

I love the earrings, they are very well made. They are absolutely beautiful, love the way they look with my shirts.

Yue Yang / March 9, 2020

I love the earrings, they are very well made. They are absolutely beautiful, love the way they look with my shirts.

Yue Yang / March 9, 2020

My jewelry was beautiful!

Stephanie Mendel / March 5, 2020

Life can have its many challenges. On the day I gave these earrings to a dear friend, she was experiencing one of these challenging days. She was so surprised to see the box. She carefully opened the box, to see the beautiful earrings inside. She lit up with joy! It was good to see how much happiness the elegant earrings had brought. Thank your for your craftsmanship!

zoomie380 / March 5, 2020

Absolutely amazing jewelry and customer service. Very personal and truly custom.

Michelle Schulman / March 4, 2020

My wife liked the picture of the earings when she saw them online. She was even more impressed when she saw them in person. We are very happy with our purchase.

John Kasimoff / February 27, 2020


Jamie Aguero / February 26, 2020

Jamie Aguero / February 26, 2020

Jamie Aguero / February 26, 2020

Another absolutely beautiful piece by Valerya! The earrings are absolutely gorgeous in person, much better than any photos could do justice. It is quite evident that Valerya chose each stone and pearl with love and care, complementing every other stone perfectly. I can’t say enough about this artist, her work, and her kindness. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and the pieces that she creates are exquisite…every time!

April Adams / February 23, 2020

I love these! Excellent transaction.

janbgobh / February 23, 2020

Beautiful earrings; lost them both the first time I wore them due to the shape. Strongly recommend stoppers / earring backs.

Lisa Stewart / February 23, 2020

Zoe Padron / February 23, 2020

Beautiful necklace. Excellent craftsmanship. Arrived quickly to the U.S.

likethecolor / February 22, 2020

Stunning necklace. Beautiful stones. Expert craftsmanship. Top-notch shop.

likethecolor / February 22, 2020

Valerya is a most exquisite jewelry artist. Everything that I own of Valerya's creations are magnificent and so securely made. I feel very special wearing her pieces, and, calling each piece by their beautiful names always makes me smile. Thank you Valerya for my growing collection of your gorgeous pieces.

Irene Claire James / February 21, 2020

Very pretty earrings. Very good seller communication and I liked the personal touch.

Elena / February 20, 2020

Catherine Forbes / February 17, 2020

Beautiful ring!

Catherine Forbes / February 17, 2020

Amazing set, I'm in love with it. Thank you Valltasy for making my shopping experience so pleasant!

Rheius Ng / February 17, 2020

Catherine Forbes / February 17, 2020

I live in Brazil. I received it within 22 days, great. I loved the earrings. Delicate and feminine design. Careful packaging. I received a handwritten card with words of thanks. Valerya is very attentive. Lidiana

Lidiana L Carnevale / February 12, 2020

This is a perfect gift from my husband! We remarried after 30 years of being apart. My husband gave me these beautiful pieces for our first anniversary The opals represent our strength and love!

Margaret Lozano / February 9, 2020

Prettiest pair of earrings that I own to date! The quality and design are amazing. I'll definitely be purchasing from this selling again. Fast shipping too!

choco / February 9, 2020

I was so pleased by how beautiful my earrings are! They arrived very quickly and are amazing. What made the experience even better was the fact that it was easy to email and ask questions since I am jewelry challenged. My questions were answered quickly and very clearly. I am looking forward to making more purchases.

Lynn Lawrence / February 3, 2020

Joanna Mitchell / February 3, 2020

Excellent customer service, prompt delivery, beautiful packaging, perfect necklace ❤

Jermane Wright / January 31, 2020

Delicate and lovely. Arrived on time. Seller very gracious.

beth lewis / January 30, 2020

This bracelet is absolutely GORGEOUS - the stones, the craftsmanship, even the box it came in! Very impressed and will enjoy for years to come. Thanks!

Angela Ramirez / January 11, 2020

OMG- beyond beautiful - can't put them away- have to have them out to look at every day.

Margaret / January 11, 2020

Jess / January 3, 2020

My husband said I could have these earrings as a Christmas press. I love them so much. Buying from Valerya was such a pleasure. Beautiful handmade jewelry and the best customer service. Even came with a lovely handwritten note. Don’t hesitate to purchase from Valltasy, you will not be disappointed. 😍😍😍

Erika Becker-Price / January 2, 2020

Hi Val, my opal bracelet is finally with me, it is worth the wait, i’m beyond speechless on how beautifully made it is, it is perfect. I could tell how much love you put in making this bracelet because wearing them at once makes me feel good already, tnx Val, I may be from other side of the planet but your love reaches me thru your work🙂🙃

Kitty Tamayo / January 2, 2020

Crystal Cruz / December 29, 2019

My grand daughter got them for Christmas and loved them!

Bruce Boss / December 28, 2019

Just beautiful!!! Exactly as described and pictured. I loved them and got them for my daughter. She loves them. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Valltasy, you ROCK!

Ellen E Eyerick / December 27, 2019

Valerya, The beautifully matched opal earrings arrived, they are stunning! Thank you, Jeri

jerisophia12 / December 27, 2019

Cute design🥰 The service was great and fast and I was surprised! Thanks

MAI / December 24, 2019

This necklace is far more beautiful than the picture ! Thank you Valerya, for another incredible piece!

Bonnie Garvey / December 23, 2019

Thank you for beautiful earrings. Very fast delivery from Israel and a beautiful card xx

junejones214 / December 22, 2019

Extremely beautiful. Opals are bigger than I imagined. Not miniscule or insignificant little beads. Beautiful quality opals. Extremely happy with this customized piece. Thank you Valerya!

Rick / December 16, 2019

Valerya designed these beyond amazing opal heart earrings to match a designer pendant I had purchased😁 ❤💞 They are perfect❤❤❤ This is my 4th purchase and I know there will be more❤❤❤

Mary Brown / December 14, 2019

KarenEShapley / December 13, 2019

lizzybelle73 / December 10, 2019

Valerya makes with the wonders of nature a new wonder!!! this Transaction was a GREAT pleasure for me and i want to buy again. i could only "say": THANK YOU FOR ALL and i wish you the best!!!!!

friedrichruessel / December 7, 2019

L Symons / December 5, 2019

Perfect length and sparkle love them

L Symons / December 5, 2019

This necklace is gorgeous. Thank you so much Vall. I am always blown away by the amount of effort and detail goes into your work. I will be back again soon for another piece 😀.

melaniew1120 / December 3, 2019

Vallerya is consistently amazing at what she does. I can always trust her judgement and recommend her for a perfect gift for someone or yourself!

Julie Carlson / November 27, 2019

I am simply in awe about the beauty of this piece. It is far better than I expected! The tourmaline gemstones are truly of utmost, high quality, and bring out the many, variant colors of the pearl. But the design....the very design details and artistic choices...are what make this piece exceptional. It is evident that this artist puts her passion for color and beauty in her artwork, and that her jewelry is a labor of love and her way of sharing her God-given gift to the world. I came across this artist by accident, and am so glad I did. Totally worth the money and investment. Thank you thank you....my mother will forever love this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!

April / November 25, 2019

Oh wow, I can't say enough good things about this seller! This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. The colors are so deep and rich, and the bracelet was packaged with so much love and care. This piece of artwork far surpassed my expectations (truly) and is completely worth the expense. It is obvious that this seller puts tons of love into her creations. Every stone in this piece is lovely and complements all the other stones perfectly! I stumbled across this seller by chance, and I am so glad I did. If you are hesitant in any way, please leave behind your doubts and invest in something beautiful that will last a lifetime.

April / November 25, 2019

My experience of buying was excellent!! The necklace is more beautiful in person: so many colorful gemstones. The necklace is so detailed and beautifully handmade! I will wear it everyday. The seller is so nice and communicative. I strongly recommend her!!❤️

Barbara Umbardo / November 23, 2019

Truly, these pictures do not do this magnificent bracelet justice! The only way to capture all the color and sparkle is in person. Valerya’s designs, and the quality of her pieces are absolutely beautiful! I will be back for more. Thank you so much!

Bonnie Garvey / November 22, 2019

Bracelet bien réalisé, les opales sont de qualité et la livraison a été rapide : merci

Nathalie / November 21, 2019

Lovely earrings as described! Very lightweight to wear. Awesome Seller and excellent communication. Very happy with my purchase!

Ursula Olazabal / November 18, 2019

It surpasses my expectation, this bracelet is beautiful and I highly recommend buying opal bracelets from Valltasy if you’re wanting something worth your money! I couldn’t of asked for anything better! -A very happy customer 🙂

Amy Connelly / November 14, 2019

Cielo . / November 13, 2019

Ariana Wellmaker / November 3, 2019

Ariana Wellmaker / November 3, 2019

Billie Fitzgerald / November 2, 2019

I just love my two bracelets!! They were a birthday gift to mysel f:) Thank you Valerya, I'll be back for sure!

Patrizia / November 1, 2019

I am very, very satisfied with the modified piece of jewelery for myself and the delivered result. Excellent! I will gladly order again at any time. Valeria is a very nice, helpful and affectionate person and her jewelery is precious. sincere thanks.

Gabrielle Stäheli-Wernli / October 29, 2019

Very beautiful. Good choice of tourmaline colors to match with the Ametrine.

Corinne Guidicelli / October 28, 2019

Maria Wells / October 27, 2019

Maria Wells / October 27, 2019

Gorgeous color. Well matched stones.

kathat11 / October 27, 2019

Valerya custom designed exactly what I wanted and the personal attention to detail was wonderful. The result is gorgeous!!

Deborah Ehrfurth / October 24, 2019

gorgeous and well made.she loves them! shipping was fast and communication was great!

Jodi Leone / October 17, 2019

These earrings are exquisite. No surprise from this artist.

sydneyaltman / October 15, 2019

Absolutely stunning earrings! I love them, and they arrived beautifully wrapped.

lizzybelle73 / October 15, 2019

Received it today, really nice, beautiful color, thanks

virginie / October 14, 2019

The earrings are gorgeous. The stones are as pictured, blue and vibrant. These can be worn in a formal setting, but are not made in a factory, so go well as everyday casual too. Bought them for my wife’s birthday. She loves them and wears every day. Received compliments everywhere, too. Service from Valerya was top notch. She contacted me after order and assured prompt shipment. A nice touch sorely missing in this age.

Howard / October 11, 2019

Very lovely and easy to wear. Thanks !

Jane Hamlyn / October 6, 2019

thanks a lot, it was fantastic

Vitalijs Galaiskis / October 1, 2019

I absolutely love these earrings; they look even better in person than in the picture. These are my new favorite earrings ! They arrived safely in a lovely box and were packed to protect them during shipping. Valerya's work is the best quality and her choice of stones and color combinations are extraordinary. She is extremely talented and makes beautiful jewelery. I plan to buy another pair from her in the future.

Rosalie L. Carlson / October 1, 2019

Beautiful design, color combination and craftsmanship. Very kind seller with excellent customer service. I highly recommand Valerya and her store!

ellachem / September 26, 2019

stunning earrings! love this shop...trendy and timeless designs.

brittbarry1 / September 23, 2019

so beautiful! shipped promptly. thank you!

Mallory Moore / September 23, 2019

It is beautiful and fiery!

Eun Dewson / September 15, 2019

Very pretty earrings. They actually arrived faster than I expected.

Deborah*Schaier / September 13, 2019

Absolutely loved this experience with this shop! She made me a custom piece that was just absolutely gorgeous. She was the only artist I had contacted that even tried to make this necklace, definitely shopping here again! Wonderful experience

Natalie Evans / September 11, 2019

Andrea Solano Flórez / September 11, 2019

Beautifully gorgeous necklace that suits my beautiful wife perfectly. Got this for my wife Stephanie for our 20 year wedding anniversary. I'm glad I did. She loves it. When I gave it to her ...she screamed...That's the one I wanted. Amazing attention to detail and Vallerya was very customer focused and very kind and helpful. Highly recommend

Jared Harrison / September 8, 2019

Beautiful subtle colors. Beautiful workmanship too. I am happy with them... thanks !

Jane Hamlyn / September 8, 2019

Was beautiful to receive your package, the bracelet was stunning and the way and personalise the order was pure joy. Thank you so much!!

Jennifer Dammann / August 30, 2019

This was a custom order necklace to match a bracelet and earrings that I had already purchased from Valerya. The quality and uniqueness of the stones are accentuated by Valerya's care and attention to detail. The last time I saw my wife this excited about a piece of jewelry was when I but her wedding ring on her finger for the first time. I look forward to continue doing business with Valerya as she has been an absolute pleasure to deal with for the three purchases I have already made from her.

Robert Pritchard / August 29, 2019

These earrings are beautiful, my wife adores them! Both stunning and unique. Valerya is easily the most accommodating, nicest and caring person I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.

Robert Pritchard / August 29, 2019

These opal hoop earings are so beautiful! They are very well made and the opals have so much fire in them! Great packaging and quick shipment, I am already planning on buying another pair!

Sadie / August 28, 2019

lizzybelle73 / August 28, 2019

Thank you very much Valerya ! The bracelet is so beautiful

minijonjon / August 28, 2019