How to spot dyed stones? 🖌️

How To Spot Dyed Stones?

At Valltasy, I pride myself on using the highest quality, natural *undyed* gemstones to provide you with the highest quality heirloom jewelry!

Jewelry made with dyed gemstones may seem attractive at first because the artificial colors will also look more vibrant than the natural gemstones, BUT this color will quickly fade away and you’ll be left with cheap colorless stones, not even remote resembling the jewelry you once bought.

I always get lots of questions about this, so as promised, I’d like to share with you several basic rules that you can follow to make sure you buy jewelry only with undyed gemstones:

1️⃣ Buy jewelry only from the sellers you trust (just like I source my gemstones from hand-picked trusted suppliers).

2️⃣ If the stones are less colorful near the hole, they’re dyed.

3️⃣ If they have white or colorful spots over the stone, they’re dyed.

4️⃣ If the thread is colored from the stones.

5️⃣ If the stone is opaque and has very vibrant color, 90% its dyed.

6️⃣ Opaque stones many times are dyed, it’s easier to dye such stones from white/yellow to any other color.

7️⃣ Vibrant stones are mostly not natural.
Its rare to find super vibrant natural stones.
If you see *fuchsia* pink opaque stone – it’s dyed!
Same with kiwi green, opaque lavender and many more.

8️⃣ Inclusions – If the stone is super clear and cheap, it’s not natural. Natural stones have inclusions OR are very expensive. As you know, the cleaner stone, the more expensive it is. There is no magic.

9️⃣ Pricing – You cannot get large, super clear Sapphires, Rubies or Spinels for cheap, it just cannot happen.
So the pricing is also a way to check.
Some stones are cheap, the others are expensive.
But if an expensive stone is sold for a low price, that means it was dyed.
It can be an Opal and it can be called Opal, while in fact its a cheap white opal that was just *colored* to vibrant rainbow colors to lure you in.


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