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Customer's About Valltasy...

Beautiful necklace wrapped in a beautiful box!! My necklace is so much prettier than the picture!! Thank you so very much!! (Arrived very quickly, too)

jjnabors82 / April 15, 2017

I really love these, thank you! You do beautiful work.

mhrden / October 21, 2016

Super lovely! I put them and instantly the jewelries rank up my total wearings. They help me look like a nice lady.

Aiko DeVore / August 13, 2017

Beautiful earrings and super quick delivery! I love the way they sparkle when the lights hit them. Very happy with the entire transaction. I will be back.

Mary Baker / February 17, 2017

These earrings are BEAUTIFUL!! Could not be happier with my purchase, as always!

quincybell / May 14, 2017

I love each and every piece of design of my purchase! Valerya is very patient, friendly and talented! High recommended!

Celine / July 10, 2017

Absolutely STUNNING!!! love your beautiful work! Thank you so much!

october1968 / December 8, 2017

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