Summer Jewelry: Dazzling Gemstones to Brighten Your Season

Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Multi Gemstone Necklace, Long Versatile Necklace

As the sun shines longer and temperatures rise, it’s time to add some sparkle to your summer style. This season, gemstone jewelry is taking center stage, offering a vibrant splash of color to complement your breezy outfits. From beach days to rooftop parties, let’s explore how these summer jewelry can transform your look.

Ocean Blues

Nothing says summer like the ocean, and blue gemstones capture its essence perfectly. Deep Blue Topaz evoke the mysterious depths, symbolizing wisdom and serenity. They’re ideal for making a bold statement.

Aquamarines, on the other hand, mirror the tranquil sea surface. Their pale, transparent blue embodies calm and clarity. Pair Aquamarine drop earrings with a light blue maxi dress for a beach wedding, or layer delicate aquamarine bracelets for a day of sailing.


Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Topaz, Larimar, Aquamarine and Opal Necklace

Solid Gold 14K Swiss Blue Topaz Earrings, Blue Gemstone Drop Earrings

Tropical Paradise

Transport yourself to a lush tropical getaway with green gemstones. Emeralds offer a rich, luxurious green that signifies growth and harmony. Emerald earrings on gold looks stunning against a tan, perfect for a garden brunch or a stroll through botanical gardens.

For a versatile summer accessory, consider a green gemstone bracelet. Whether it’s a delicate chain with small green stones or a bold one with larger gems, a green bracelet captures the essence of summer foliage. It’s the perfect piece to wear from a casual jungle-themed party to an upscale eco-resort dinner. The vibrant green will pop against your sun-kissed skin, adding a fresh, tropical vibe to any outfit.


Solid Gold 14K Emerald Hoop Earrings, Genuine Colombian Emerald Earrings

Solid Gold 14K Green Chrysoprase Bracelet, Large Nugget Green Gemstone Bracelet

Sunset Hues

Capture the warmth of summer sunsets with Golden Citrines. Citrines radiate a sunny glow, ranging from pale yellow to deep amber. They’re believed to foster creativity and positivity—exactly what you need for summer adventures. Citrine earrings shine at a garden party, or choose citrine hoops for a music festival.

For a piece that embodies the magic of a summer sunset, opt for a multi-gemstone bracelet. Picture a symphony of warm-toned gems cascading around your wrist: Citrine, Carnelian, Sunstone, Lemon Topaz. Each stone reflects a different phase of the setting sun, from the first golden rays to the final fiery glow. This bracelet isn’t just jewelry; it’s a wearable sunset.


Multi Gemstone Orange Red Drop Colorful Earrings

Solid Gold 14K Citrine, Sunstone, Lemon Topaz Gemstone Wire Wrapped Bracelet, One of a Kind, Summer Jewelry

Cool Treat: Amethyst and Tanzanite

When the heat is on, cool down with refreshing purple tones. Amethyst, with its range from soft lilac to deep violet, offers a calm contrast to bright summer shades. Associated with peace and intuition, it’s your go-to for relaxation. An Amethyst choker makes a statement with an off-shoulder top at a wine tasting, or try an amethyst-studded cuff for a bohemian beach bonfire.


Solid Gold 14K Pink Sapphire and Purple Amethyst Drop Necklace, Dainty Gemstone Necklace

Four Pair Earrings Layaway

Summer Pearls: Not Just for Grandma

This summer, break free from the notion that pearls are only for formal events. Enter the beaded Tahitian Pearl necklace—a bohemian twist on luxury that’s redefining summer night style. Tahitian pearls, with their exotic dark hues ranging from deep greens and blues to purples and grays, are interspersed with smaller beads, creating a look that’s both opulent and effortlessly cool.

Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Tahitian Pearl and Scorolite Necklace, One of a Kind, Summer Jewelry

Solid Rose Gold 14K Rubellite Pink Tourmaline and Pink Edison Pearl Earrings, One of a Kind


This summer, let gemstone jewelry be your style’s best friend. Whether you’re beachside or city-bound, hosting a barbecue or attending a gala, these colorful treasures will keep you shining all season long. With a palette inspired by summer’s own hues—ocean blues, tropical greens, sunset oranges, and cool purples—you’ll have a gem for every occasion. So go ahead, add some sparkle to your summer and let your personal style shine as brightly as the sun!

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