Emerald Jewelry

Emerald earrings

Did you know Cleopatra had an obsession with Emeralds⁉️
People were well aware she had a love for these vibrant green stones and she had quite the collection…
However, in modern times gemologists discovered that much of her collection of Emeralds was, in fact… Peridot!


Showering with your jewelry

Multi stone bracelets

I want your jewelry to always look good. So you can enjoy it for many many years to come!  Gemstone jewelry wire-wrapped in gold is absolutely an heirloom jewelry. Nothing can happen to such a piece, your jewelry can indeed become a beautiful and enduring part of your daily routine, even in the shower. You […]


Follow the Sunset Collection

Gemstone jewelry set.

For this upcoming summer I wanted to create something extra special. A Jewelry Collection that will be with you all day long to bring only positivity and joy!

I took my invisible “brushes” and started drawing.
I envisioned the breathtaking scene of the Sunset on a magical vacation… that’s how the Follow the Sunset Collection was born.