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Valerya - Owner and Creator at Valltasy

Valerya Kanonov
Owner, Designer, Creator


All my life I’ve always been creative and artistic by nature and spent every possible moment creating jewelry, it was clear that this is my calling! As a self-taught jewelry artisan I’ve carefully studied countless techniques and mastered them to perfection.
My jewelry is my art and my obsession and this is how Valltasy was born.

I aspire to create versatile jewelry pieces that can be casually worn every day, to any social event or special occasion. Each combines elegance, style and beauty making it a lasting addition to one’s jewelry repertoire for many years to come. 
My focus is on creating beautifully handcrafted, high quality pieces of jewelry. I make each piece of jewelry by hand using various wire wrapping, silk knotting and metal working techniques, creating something special in every design.
Most of all I love using silk knotting and wire wrapping as it allows a lot of movement and color play, allowing me to portray the joy of life! I get my inspiration from everywhere, the sky, the flowers and most importantly of all, my family!

I’m truly grateful for being able to wake up every morning and do what I love… and as the years have gone by, it brings me great joy knowing that in nearly every corner of the globe, there is someone wearing a piece of jewelry by Valltasy.
The ever growing number of returning customers is the greatest attestation to my brand. They come back for the quality of the gemstones, uniqueness of the designs and the personal attention.

I put a lot of effort in finding high-end gemstones and materials from world renowned suppliers. It has taken me many years to establish the close relationship and high level of trust with my suppliers that is required to provide my clients only the highest quality gemstones and high-end unique artisan findings.
When it comes to purchasing materials, I am very particular in what I choose to use in my designs. The gemstones in each design are hand picked for the highest quality and richest color.
From the personalized shopping experience to my unique jewelry, everything at Valltasy is held to exceptional standards.
In the eyes of many Valltasy is already a synonym of quality and luxury and I know that after buying one of my creations you will see why.

I live in Israel in the small town of Shoham (near Tel Aviv) with my husband, son and daughter, the greatest designs of my life 🙂
I work from my comfortable home studio and that’s where I personally create every piece of jewelry you see before you.

Please enjoy browsing my shop. I enjoy doing custom orders, and would be thrilled to work with you on a project if you have something in mind that you do not see in my shop.

Owner, designer and creator at Valltasy

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Valerya - Owner and Creator at Valltasy

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If you like the designs in my shop, but want something different (or a completely custom design), please use the Customer Order form 🙂


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