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…Vall’s Fantasy – How Valltasy was born…

Valerya - Owner and Creator at Valltasy

Valerya Kanonov
Owner, Designer, Creator

My name is Vall (Valerya) and “Valltasy” is my jewelry fantasy.Β 
Ever since I was little, I enjoyed creating jewelry. When I was 8, I created necklaces and bracelets from crystal beads for my mom and grandmothers (every artist has to start somewhere, right?) and I loved it so much! At the age of 12, I even sold my creations to several boutique shops!
Since then I had a dream of opening my own jewelry shop… and now this dream finally came true!

I live in Israel in the small town of Shoham (near Tel Aviv) with my Husband, my two year old son and my baby girl πŸ™‚
My home is my studio and that’s whereΒ I personally create every piece of jewelry you see before you and you can’t imagine how much fun I have doing it!

In 2015 I’ve finally opened my shop! From a kid with a dream, I’ve become an artist working with precious gemstones, gold and silver, able to create such amazing designs. I’m living the dream πŸ™‚
I’ve got so many ideas (my mind just full of them!) that I struggle to find the time to bring them all to life.
I noticed that creating the jewelry just comes so naturally to me (like in the movies, when all the pieces magically come together to create what you wanted…) but the hardest thing is the photography! It is so important to me to be able to show you, how my jewelry looks like in real life. To capture its beauty in a single moment in time!

But what makes a masterpiece? A good idea is just the start! I I have the opportunity to pick the best gemstones from all over the planet. I tediously and passionately check every gem before getting started. Every jewelry piece is a project for me and I carefully plan and execute it with attention to every detail until I am completely satisfied! Sometimes it means doing the same piece even 2-3 times!
I use only genuine 14K gold filled and 925 sterling silver metals.
And what truly brings closure is when a jewel finds a home. I love placing it in my creamy luxury gift box, wrapping it with a gentle purple satin ribbon, carefully packaging it and shipping it to meet its new owner.

In my eyes Valltasy is a synonym of quality and luxury and I know that after buying one of my creations it will be so in your eyes too!

Jeweller by day and night from the bottom of my heart

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Valerya - Owner and Creator at Valltasy

Please contact me if you have any questions, requests or ideas.
If you like the designs in my shop, but want something different, I’d be more than happy to accommodate requests!

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