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The Ocean Wave Necklace – Solid Gold 14K Blue Gemstone Gradated Necklace with Kyanite, Aquamarine and Topaz
Teresita Z Trigo / July 10, 2023

The First Snow Earrings – Rainbow Moonstone and Welo Ethiopian Opal Cascade Cluster Earrings, Long Statement Earrings
Sam / July 7, 2023

The Flare Bracelet – Ethiopian Opal Dainty Gemstone Bohemian Bracelet
Heidi Nancy / July 2, 2023

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My necklace purchased from Valerya was a great experience. I wanted it in 14k solid gold and she made sure I was notified through out the process. Even with some alterations and length was created perfectly for me. Shipping was quick by FedX to the USA.

Janet Camporeale / June 19, 2023