Showering with Jewelry: Is it Safe?

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Can you actually shower with jewelry?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have gemstone jewelry that can be an absolute part of you, that you don’t need to take off before showering or going to sleep?

Showering with jewelry is a topic that often raises questions and concerns among jewelry lovers. Many people wonder whether it’s safe to wear their favorite pieces while bathing or if they should remove them to prevent damage. The idea of having jewelry that can seamlessly become a part of your everyday life, including during activities like showering or sleeping, is undoubtedly appealing.

Which type of jewelry is ABSOLUTELY SAFE to wear in the shower?

✨️ Jewelry that is fully made in Solid Gold! ✨️

Jewelry that is made with NATURAL gemstones and completed in 14K SOLID GOLD is absolutely water resistant and can be part of you without taking it off.

Solid gold jewelry is highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, making it well-suited to withstand exposure to water. Gold, by its nature, does not react with moisture, and it won’t lose its shine or structural integrity when worn in the shower.

“Catching the Dreams Necklace” by Valltasy

Nothing can happen to Solid Gold metal. It’s strong, it cannot tarnish and cannot become dull.

Natural (undyed) gemstones will always sparkle, they cannot lose their color. Such gemstones will remain beautiful and sparkly for generations to come (that’s why I use only natural, undyed gemstones in my designs)

“The Fruit Punch Necklace” by Valltasy

I want your jewelry to always look good. So you can enjoy it for many many years to come!

Gemstone jewelry wire-wrapped in gold is absolutely an heirloom jewelry. Nothing can happen to such a piece, your jewelry can indeed become a beautiful and enduring part of your daily routine, even in the shower.

You can wear Gemmy Collection Jewelry 24/7 and enjoy every second of its wonderful bling!

“The Very Berry Bracelet” by Valltasy

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