New Rainbow Necklaces just arrived!

New rainbow necklaces

These colorful new designs just landed on the website and I wanted to share with you my thoughts behind each design…

Let’s dive into colors and feel the beauty and depth of them combined together! 

I carefully hand-pick the gemstones for each design, like each one is the only gem in the jewel.
And it shows through this collection! Each gem glows with its gorgeous unique color creating an unforgettable rainbow that will never end!
I can’t wait for you to see them and start styling your own unique look. Each necklace is made with love and care, and I’ve thought long and hard about the design for each one.
Let the colors speak to you, and let the unique shapes and textures inspire you.  The possibilities are endless!

“The Rainbow Infinity Necklace” by Valltasy

This rainbow will last forever and will become your lucky charm being so joyful!
This necklace is a total must: It closes from the back and allows you to easily combine it with any other necklaces in your stack. A little gold extender will help you to play with the length 🙂

“The Drop into Summer Necklace” by Valltasy

I wanted to create a design that will be full of life! Using the most gorgeous gems, I “drew” a rainbow that’s always in movement. The rainbow fringes and precious gemstones are magical and the combination of the mirror-like special 14K Gold chain creates a glowing effect full of sparkle!


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