New and Rare: Meet the Euphoria Bracelet with large and glowing Opals!

Opal bracelet....

And what can be a better gift for your loved one or yourself than the most gorgeous Opal bracelet? 🙂

The Euphoria Bracelet – Limited Edition

We all wait for something extraordinary… something very unique to wear every day and to be dazzled by its beauty. This new Opal bracelet that just landed on the website is a dream come true!

The Opal has long been considered a lucky and protective talisman. During the Middle Ages, it was believed that if you wore an amulet containing opal, then you would be protected from failing vision and that your mind and memory would be strengthened. 


Many of my customers were asking if I can source large Ethiopian Opals, each with a breathtaking fire and glow…

“The Euphoria Bracelet” by Valltasy

Want to guess how long I’ve waited for these Opals to be made?!

Almost 8 months! But these magical gems are SO worth it! It’s hard to describe this magic: such extraordinary Opals are so RARE, so HARD TO FIND and so ONE OF A KIND, that I can just look at them forever! HUGE 7 mm gemstones that were cut especially for Valltasy!

“The Euphoria Bracelet” by Valltasy

Crafted using stunning, luminescent opals, this bracelet is a true masterpiece. These opals are generously sized, incredibly rare, and hold an enchanting inner blaze of blues, greens, pinks, and purples. In fact, gazing at this bracelet is like an instant mood lifter, which is why I’ve lovingly named it “The Euphoria Bracelet.”

The way these Welo Opals light up is like a fireworks show, a burst of fiery colors that’s impossible to ignore. It’s almost surreal to think that nature is behind this breathtaking splendor! The play of light is nothing short of divine, and the stones themselves are unparalleled in their beauty.

“The Euphoria Bracelet” by Valltasy

This contemporary bracelet is guaranteed to make its lucky owner never want to part with it – it’s the epitome of modern elegance!

I believe each handmade jewel brings a pinch of magic into your world. Well, this bracelet brings a whole lot! 🙂

Don’t think twice! Such Opals won’t return!


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