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I think it’s the first time that I’m designing a full jewelry collection that speaks in one united color palette. I think, that these colors are so intriguing, so captivating, so full of LIFE, so I just couldn’t resist giving these colors the spotlight they deserve ❤️
Crafted with the hues of a thousand sunsets, these precious pieces embrace the warm tones of amber, the gentle whispers of pink and purple, and the fiery passion of orange. Each gem sparkles like the last rays of daylight, casting a spell on anyone who gazes upon them.
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Follow the Sunset Necklace

“Follow the Sunset Necklace” by Valltasy

The “Follow the Sunset Necklace” captures the enchanting colors of a setting sun during a summer vacation: those special moments that we feel so deeply and treasure then for a lifetime!
The necklace is fully made in Solid Gold, wire wrapped with thick 14K Gold wire. It’s absolutely a heirloom piece!
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Follow the Dreams Necklace

“Follow the Dreams Necklace” by Valltasy

Silk knotted with the most enchanting glowing gemstones, the “Follow the Dreams Necklace” was created to remind you to follow your dreams fearlessly and to live the life to the fullest! Just look at these juicy colors! 🙂
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Follow the Sunset Bracelet

“Follow the Sunset Bracelet” by Valltasy

This matching bracelet, fully made in 14K Gold, showcases all of the Sunset colors – the essence of this summer collection. Create a sunset on your wrist and never let it go! ☀️

Follow your dreams with me and Follow the Sunset ❤️
I put my heart and soul into these pieces and I hope you’ll enjoy them A LOT! 🥰
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“Follow the Sunset Collection” by Valltasy

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