Follow the Sunset Collection

Gemstone jewelry set.
For this upcoming summer I wanted to create something extra special. A Jewelry Collection that will be with you all day long to bring only positivity and joy!
I took my invisible “brushes” and started drawing.
I envisioned the breathtaking scene of the Sunset on a magical vacation… that’s how the Follow the Sunset Collection was born.

“Follow the Sunset Collection” by Valltasy

Follow the Sunset collection captures the enchanting colors of a setting sun during a summer vacation: those special moments that we feel so deeply and treasure then for a lifetime!
These gemstone necklaces and bracelet are created to show you endless of possibilities that come with every day! Joy and happiness are the feelings that glow from these vibrant, natural gemstones!

“Follow the Dreams Necklace” by Valltasy

It’s a collection to remind you to follow your dreams fearlessly and to live the life to the fullest! Enjoy warm and joyful summer days wearing a bit of magic around your neck and wrist!

“Follow the Sunset Necklace” by Valltasy

Summer days were made for glorious colorful summer jewelry! Wearing these jewelry pieces is like wearing a golden sunset on you all day long. Isn’t it magical?! ❤️

“Follow the Sunset Bracelet” by Valltasy

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