Where do you get your gemstones? 💎

Where Do You Get Your Gemstones?

A question that I’m asked at least twenty times a day 🙂

Well, it’s not an easy question to answer!

💎 Not only, I collect these stones for years (!), but also I procure them from all around the planet 🌎.
Yes, some arrive from Europe, some from India, some from the USA, some from the South America and some from Mexico.

💎 I work with many suppliers to find the best quality and my gemstone researches take many days of work.

💎 Sometimes I spend my whole day working on finding the right gemstones in the right color tone, size, shape, quality…. it’s a lengthy process, which is not seen at all behind the scenes ❤️

💎 It’s easy to find vibrant dyed stones, easy to find colored large stones that were treated to make the stones colorful…. but what about ABSOLUTELY NATURAL vibrant stones? – oh, that’s a whole different story! This are super hard to find, so they’ll have a good color and also a good cut.

💎 I wait for months for some gemstones to arrive to me, after they were specially cut just for me and my designs.

So when you ask such questions, truly, there is no a simple answer:

Half of my work is to look for the best gemstones for you and for the jewelry I make for you.
As everything I make, I do it with lots of love and care 💗💕

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