Did you ever have difficulties buying jewelry online? 🎁

Did you ever have difficulties buying jewelry online?

Some of my customers tell me that sometimes they find it difficult to visualize the real size of the jewelry piece they buy online.
🛍 Is it big? Is it small? Will it look good on me? 💎

When the jewelry is photographed 📸, it’s usually enlarged to show the most tiny little details, so you can feel the texture and see the piece as you were holding it with your hands 🤗📿
The problem is that this way it’s sometimes hard to understand the true size of the jewelry 🧐.

What I recommend my customers to do is to look at the mentioned size of the item (for example, I always write all of the sizes of my jewelry and the stones I used, in the description) and briefly draw it (even with a simple pencil)🎨.
The stone stated as 10mm? Great, draw it on a paper and you’ll easily understand how large it is 🌈. That’s it, simple and works like magic 🪄💫.

Even I do that sometimes and it helps a lot 🙂

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