Travel-Inspired Gemstone Jewelry: A Globetrotter’s Guide

Solid Gold 14K Pastel Gemstone Necklace Wire Wrapped in Gold, Gemmy Necklace, Colorful Multi Stone Fancy Shaped Necklace

There’s no better way to feed your wanderlust than by surrounding yourself with gemstone jewelry that transports you to different destinations around the globe. Just as travel awakens the senses with new sights, sounds, and experiences, vibrant gemstones can evoke the spirit and energy of far-flung locales. Let these jewelry pieces inspired by diverse travel hotspots ignite your sense of adventure and appreciation for the natural beauty found in every corner of the world.

Bali: The Emerald Isle

The lush, tropical landscapes and rich artistic heritage of Bali find their gemstone counterpart in luxurious emeralds. These deep green gems embody the island’s lively rainforests, terraced rice fields, intricate woodcarvings, and batik textiles. Opt for Emerald statement jewelry like a necklace accented with twisted golden vines for a taste of Bali’s natural and cultural opulence.



14K Solid Gold Emerald Fringe Necklace, Genuine Zambian Emerald Gemstone Necklace

Marrakech: Saturated Sunset Hues

Step through the ancient gateways of Marrakech’s medina into a world of saturated sunset hues and ornate Moorish architecture. Moroccan-inspired jewelry shimmers in 14K yellow gold settings that highlight vivid gemstone colors like vibrant orange Sapphire, Citrine, and Fire Opal. Geometric designs and ornate metalwork motifs capture the exotic allure of the Red City’s snake charmers, spice traders, and artisan souks.


Multi Gemstone Orange Red Drop Necklace, Semi Precious Colorful Necklace

Provence: Lavender Hues

The lavender fields of Provence, France have an almost otherworldly beauty and fragrance that casts a lavender-hued spell. Recreate that dreamy ambiance with sleek gold jewelry pieces starring lush purple gemstones. Polished Amethyst in soft lilac and regal purple hues conjure visions of the undulating lavender rows. Vibrant Purple-Blue Fire Opals achieve bold, saturated tones that pop against brushed matte gold settings. These gemstones among vines of gold evoke feelings of getting delightfully lost in Provence’s lavender labyrinth gardens.



Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Bracelet with Opals and Amethyst and Tanzanite



Lofoten Islands: Brilliance of the Northern Lights

On crisp, clear Norwegian nights, the dark Arctic skies come alive with one of nature’s most dazzling light shows – the aurora borealis or northern lights. As these shimmering curtains of greens, purples, blues, and reds dance across the heavens above, they provide endless inspiration for jewelry colored by the ethereal Moonstone. For aurora chasers and outdoor enthusiasts who have experienced the magic of the northern lights in Norway’s pristine Arctic landscapes, these mystical Moonstone and gold jewelry pieces provide a wearable connection to one of the planet’s most remarkable natural phenomena.


Northern Lights

Solid Gold 14K Multi Stone Semi Precious Long Gemstone Earrings, Long Drop Cluster Earrings

Santorini Sunsets: Mediterranean Fire

The beaches of black volcanic sand, iconic whitewashed buildings, and crimson-streaked evening skies give the Greek island of Santorini its trademark drama. Showcase the pastel-meets-jewel-tone drama with color-saturated gemstones like Peach Moonstones, Lemon Quartz, and Citrine, perhaps anchored by oxidized silver for an on-trend rustic-meets-radiant look.




Solid Gold 14K Multi Gemstone Necklace Wire Wrapped in Gold, Gemmy Necklace

No matter if your travel cravings call you to the cliff-side villages of the Mediterranean or the vast wildernesses at the ends of the Earth, travel-themed jewelry allows wanderlusters to stay connected to the magic of distant locales every day – until the insatiable urge to explore strikes again.


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