Natural Gemstones vs. Dyed: My Design Philosophy

Solid Gold 14K Pink Necklace Wire Wrapped in Gold, Gemmy Necklace, Colorful Multi Stone Fancy Shaped Necklace

In the last few years, dyed gemstones have become increasingly common among gemstone sellers, with many falsely labeling dyed stones as “Pink Sapphires,” “Pink Spinels,” or “Blue Topaz,” when in reality, they are often cheap, white, dyed opals or even glass. While the temptation to use these vividly colored, dyed gemstones is undeniable, as they can create striking, vibrant jewelry designs, I have made a conscious choice to avoid them altogether in my creations, opting instead for natural gemstones.


Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Sunset Inspired Natural Multi Gemstone Necklace

The Reasons Behind My Choice

Authenticity: As light passes through natural gemstones, it reflects in a unique and alluring way, creating a depth and brilliance that cannot be replicated in dyed gemstones. The light reflects differently on dyed stones, making them appear flat and synthetic, much like the distinction between black velvet and a black piece of plastic – the color may be the same, but the overall appearance is vastly different.

Durability: Natural gemstones can last for generations, making them ideal for heirloom pieces that can be passed down from mother to daughter. The dyeing process, however, weakens the gemstone’s structure, making it more susceptible to damage, cracks, and ultimately, a shorter lifespan.

Color Vibrancy: While dyed gemstones may appear vibrant initially, their color is not inherent and can fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and even air. Natural gemstones, on the other hand, maintain their vibrancy indefinitely, as their color is an intrinsic part of their composition.

Lasting Color: The raw, natural gems are carefully cut and polished to reveal their natural brilliance and color, which will last forever. In contrast, dyed gemstones merely have a color coating that will eventually fade, leaving the stone dull and lifeless.

Higher Value: Due to their rarity and the time-consuming process of sourcing and cutting them, natural gemstones typically have much higher value compared to their dyed counterparts.

Environmental Impact: The dyeing process can involve harmful chemicals, which can negatively impact the environment.


Solid Gold 14K Cloud Pink Amethyst and Sapphire Earrings, Unique Earrings Design, Natural Gemstones

My Mission: Introducing Nature’s Color into Your Life

Dyed gemstones feel artificial and fake to me, and I cannot imagine wearing something that lacks authenticity. That’s why I dedicate my time and passion to researching gemstones, tirelessly sourcing only the best, natural stones for my designs. I scrutinize each raw gem, ensuring it’s undyed and gifted by Mother Nature herself, before carefully cutting and polishing it to reveal its true, vibrant color.


Solid Gold 14K Mexican Fire Opal and Coral Earrings, Cluster Orange Gemstone Earrings


My mission is to introduce the beauty and vibrancy of pure, natural gemstones into your life, adding a touch of nature’s color to your everyday style. By choosing my handcrafted creations, you can rest assured that you are wearing pieces that are not only beautiful but also authentic, durable, and environmentally conscious.

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