10 Pro Tips to Identify High-Grade Rainbow Moonstone

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Moonstone, the beloved gemstone, captivates with its ethereal blue shimmers and enchanting adularescence. However, not all Moonstones are created equal. To ensure you get the finest quality, here are 10 pro tips to help you spot high-grade Rainbow Moonstone from lower-grade stones.


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  1. Vibrant Blue Shimmer: Seek out stones with a vivid and intense blue shimmer – a telltale sign of high-grade Rainbow Moonstone.
  2. Strong Adularescence: High-quality Rainbow Moonstone will exhibit a striking adularescence effect, with a brilliant blue glow when held under light. 

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  3. Exceptional Clarity: Top-tier stones will be free of visible inclusions, offering unparalleled clarity and transparency.
  4. Lustrous Appearance: Unlike dull or cloudy low-grade stones, high-grade pieces boast a smooth, polished surface with a radiant and glowing appearance.
  5. Intense Color Play: Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating and intense blue flash exhibited by premium-quality stones.

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  6. Consistent Coloration: High-grade Rainbow Moonstone will display a consistent and uniform color throughout, without patches of whiteness or dullness.
  7. Durability: Low-quality Moonstones are prone to cracking due to dryness, while high-grade ones are more resilient and less likely to succumb to damage.
  8. Depth of Color: Top-notch stones will showcase a rich, deep blue hue that seems to emanate from within, creating a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect.

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  9. Translucency: High-grade Moonstone will exhibit a captivating translucency, allowing light to pass through and create a soft, ethereal glow.
  10. The “Wow” Factor: Ultimately, trust your instincts. When you encounter a truly exceptional Rainbow Moonstone, its breathtaking beauty will leave you awestruck and gasping in wonder.

Remember, while these tips serve as a helpful guide, evaluating the quality of a Rainbow Moonstone ultimately involves appreciating its overall visual appeal. Don’t get too caught up in the technical details – take a step back and simply admire the stone’s beauty. A high-grade one will captivate you with its alluring combination of color, clarity, and brilliance.

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