The Opal Bracelet: The Angel’s Touch Bracelet

Opal bracelet gold

I know you’ve been waiting for the large faceted Opals to come back and after a long long waiting and months of picking, cutting, polishing: I can happily announce the Angels’ Touch Bracelet is BACK!

With even more gorgeous Opals than the original ones!

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These amazing Opals just arrived, they’re generous in size (actually even larger than the original bracelet) and you can order The Angel’s Touch Bracelet now to get this fantastic fire on your wrist this week! 🙂

Opals for “The Angel’s Touch Bracelet” by Valltasy

What makes Ethiopian Opal unique is its honeycomb Welo pattern and high water content, which contributes to its vibrant play of color.

Ethiopian Opal is created from volcanic activity in the Great Rift Valley region of Ethiopia. This area has abundant opal deposits, making Ethiopian Opal highly desirable.

Ethiopian Opals are unique because they can display all the colors of the rainbow from different angles. They have grown in popularity due to their captivating appearance, making them a sought-after addition to many jewelry collections.

It’s so hard to procure nowadays high quality Opals! The Opals I use are of rare quality from trusted suppliers that cut these strands especially for me. So glad I can offer them now to You!

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