Layering Jewelry with Colorful Gemstones for a Standout Style

Pink Sapphire and Purple Amethyst Drop Necklace, Dainty Gemstone Necklace

Layering jewelry with vibrant and colorful gemstones is a fun and easy way to create a personalized, on-trend look. By thoughtfully mixing different dazzling gems, metals, lengths, and shapes, you can achieve an eclectic stacked aesthetic that shows off your unique style.

The Art of Layering Necklaces

When it comes to layering necklaces for a stylish statement, it’s all about achieving balance. Start by choosing an anchor pendant featuring an eye-catching center gemstone like Moonstone that hits your décolletage. This will serve as the foundation for building up your layers.

Solid Gold 14K Cloud Moonstone Pendant without a Chain, Unique Moonstone Charm Design, layering jewelry


Next, add in a few progressively shorter chains and pendants, mixing metals, gemstones, and textures as you go. For example, combine silver chains with alternating charms or stick to all Gold and vary the gemstones. Strand lengths between 16 to 20 inches are ideal for necklaces to show while layered.

The options are endless when you thoughtfully combine colors, shapes, and styles that appeal most to your personal taste.


Solid Gold 14K Multi Gemstone Necklace Wire Wrapped in Gold, Gemmy Necklace, layering jewelry

Stacking Gemstone Bracelets for Chic Style

For the wrist, stacking colorful gemstone bracelets creates an effortlessly chic look. First, determine if you want cohesive or contrasting stones. For harmony, combine stones of a similar color palette or go vibrant and edgy by pairing contrasting-color gemstones.


Solid Gold 14K Silk Knotted Bracelet with Opals and Tourmaline, Peach, Cocoa and Pink Gemstones, layering jewelry


When curating your new bracelet stack, vary the proportion of stones by mixing different cuts with rounds or large statement stones with smaller, delicate ones. Mixing metal tones, chain styles and gemstone shapes ensures each new piece complements but stands out in your stack. Options range from delicate tennis bracelets to bold vintage-inspired chains with dangling charms of every gemstone under the sun.


Multi-stone bracelets, layering jewelry


Gemstone Hair Clips, Pins and Brooches

Take your eclectic gemstone jewelry layering even further by working in some hair accessories and statement brooches. Glam up basic hairstyles by sweeping back locks with a jewel-encrusted barrette, like an art deco Emerald hair clip. Affix a large gemstone brooch, dripping with Sapphires, Spinels, and Pearls to the lapel of any jacket.

With so many ways to incorporate gemstones into your layered jewelry looks, embrace your inner magpie. Play with combining different metal tones, alternating cuts and colors of stones, mixing textures and theme styles. The result is gorgeous standout jewelry stack combinations that dazzlingly display your flair!

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