About Valltasy

About Valltasy

Valltasy is a one woman business that was created by me, Valerya, as a dream and desire to create elevated colorful fine gemstone jewelry that brings you happiness and will give you the strength to follow your dreams.

My jewelry isn’t just about dazzling your eyes with beautiful gemstones, but also about uplifting your soul with a spectrum of colors.

It’s scientific – colors have the power to influence our mood and emotions. A pop of color can make us feel happier, more alive. And that’s exactly what I do!

At Valltasy, I speak with the language of COLORS. Gemstones have the amazing ability of giving energy when their colors are combined together in a balanced way.
Each unique jewelry piece is designed to inspire, give you strength, uplift your spirits and be your good luck charm. 

“Somewhere over the RAINBOW, skies are blue, and the DREAMS that you dare to dream really do come true.” — E.Y. Young

Lasting Happiness

Each Valltasy jewelry piece is handmade with lots of love and care by me, Valerya, owner and designer at Valltasy. The gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings I create are full of powerful energy of color and will bring happiness that can be passed on from mother to daughter. It’s a celebration of the everlasting color of gemstones!
Colorful, heirloom pieces to enjoy every day 💓.

I aspire to create versatile and exquisite jewelry pieces that can be casually worn every day, to any social event or on special occasions. Each combines elegance, style and beauty making it a lasting addition to one’s jewelry collection for many years to come. 

Lasting Happiness
Energy of Color

Craftsmanship and Quality

I pride myself on creating heirloom jewelry pieces. Created with the highest quality natural gemstones and combined with luxurious Solid Gold 14K. 

All gemstones are cut according to my unique specifications and designs for the ultimate experience in gemstone jewelry. 

I work intuitively, allowing the stones lead me and create an organic color balance. Using various wire wrapping, silk knotting and metal working techniques, each piece crafted is of unparalleled quality and durability, wearable art that will put a smile on your face and will add color to your outfit and style 🌸

Sustainability and Care

I care about our planet and believe that the jewelry should be not only beautiful, but also sustainable.

The metals used in Valltasy’s jewelry (Solid Gold 14K, Gold Filled and Sterling Silver) are made of recycled materials purchased only from trusted suppliers after a careful validation process.

Using recycled metals helps preserve our planet and reduces the carbon footprint of each piece of jewelry.

Moreover, the Valltasy jewelry packaging and wrapping is eco-friendly and recyclable.

All my gemstones are ethically sourced from verified suppliers across the globe. I believe in long term relationships with my brand’s suppliers and years of working together proved the quality and durability of the gemstones I procure.

Sustainability and Care
Behind the Brand

Valerya Kanonov
Designer, Dreamer & Creator

Behind the Brand

 – “Valerya, tell us what is most important to you about Valltasy?”

“Valltasy is all about the personal touch and connection to each and every customer.

Valltasy is my life’s work and inspiration… It brings me enormous joy to craft happiness every day, making the world brighter with every piece of jewelry I create!”

– “And what is the best thing about Valltasy Jewelry?”

“Purchasing a Valltasy Jewelry piece is like taking a colorful journey with me as your personal guide. The experience from the beginning until the moment of opening the Valltasy giftbox, is sheer excitement. I’m here to to make your dream come true!🌈

The ever-growing number of returning customers is the greatest attestation to my brand. They come back for the quality of the gemstones, uniqueness of the designs and the personal attention.”

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I love connecting with my community on Instagram. I enjoy sharing my work process, giving sneak peeks into new collections, providing jewelry tips and showcasing new pieces. 

Valltasy is a synonym for quality and luxury and I know that you’ll feel the same after joining my community 💫

Follow me on @valltasy for a wonderful journey of color, energy, empowerment, happiness and fulfillment 💗

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