Valerya Kanonov.

Valerya Kanonov
Designer, Dreamer & Creator

Meet Valerya

How it all began…

My name is Valerya and I’m the designer, the photographer, the dreamer and the creator at Valltasy.

Since childhood I’ve dreamt of being a designer, dabbling in jewelry making and enjoying every minute of it.

Always adoring colors and gemstones, I believed I’ll open an exclusive jewelry boutique shop one day.

Approaching adulthood, being of practical nature, I had to make a difficult choice of putting my passion aside and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), working in one of the top accounting firms in the country. 
All the while my love for jewelry kept calling me until one day my destiny caught up with me…

Energy of Color

Touch of destiny

The moment that changed the course of my future was receiving a truly magical Sapphire gemstone necklace from my husband. I felt an amazing surge of energy and it reminded me what incredible strength jewelry holds inside.

That moment I gathered enough bravery to leave my successful career, follow my heart and fulfill my dream!
Then I knew that I’ll start building my dream and that my mission is to bring happiness into this world through my jewelry designs. I never looked back since then and feel blessed that I listened to my heart. This is how Valltasy was born!

My mission and calling

Founding Valltasy, I’ve realized jewelry design was my calling all along! 💫
Just like this one gemstone necklace has empowered and inspired me to follow my dream, I want to be the source of inspiration and energy for all women around the globe!

The jewelry pieces I create are infused with love and sense of fulfillment. 
For me it’s all abount the personal touch and connection to each and every one of you!

Valltasy is my life’s work and inspiration… It brings me enormous joy to craft happiness every day, making the world brighter with every piece of jewelry I create! 🌟

Knowing that in nearly every corner of the globe, there is someone wearing a piece of jewelry by Valltasy, fulfilling their dream is a testament to my Energy of Color.

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Mission and Calling
My Inspiration

My insipiration

I am inspired by color and by the emotions it can bring 💓

To me the Energy of Color is passion, excitement and fulfillment. 
 I create gemstone jewelry of intense rainbows, gentle gradations and unique combinations that bring you a wide range of emotions, giving you strength and energy!

The personal connection with each and every one of my customers is a big part of my existence.

An immeasurable source of energy for me is YOU. Hearing the countless of stories of personal empowerment that my jewelry brings, sharing your and your loved ones joy after a receiving a Valltasy creation, inspires me, drives me to create new innovative and powerful designs.

My community on Instagram

I love connecting my community on Instagram through daily posts and stories and direct messages. I enjoy sharing my creative process, early access to my new collections and sneak peaks into my life as a working mom 💞

Join me at @valltasy for a wonderful journey of color, energy, empowerment and fulfillment 💗

Contact Me

Please contact me if you have any questions, requests or ideas. I always respond within 12 hours 🙂 (if you don’t see a reply, please check your spam folder!)
If you like a design, but want something different (or a completely custom design), please use the Customer Order form 🙂


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